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Steve Serna — Chairperson of the Council
Priorities — Finance, Fundraising, Legal and Policies, Play Area, Website.
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Margaret Lockhart — Vice Chairperson of the Council.
Priorities — Police Liaison, Council Surgeries, Dog Park, C F Fertiilisers, Local Shops,
Encirc Glass, Finance, Planning, Jubilee Field, Community Events.
T — 07947530970 E —

Andy Canham
Priorities — Finance, Planning, Encirc Glass, Thornton Science Park, Elton Primary School, Public Transport, Essar, ECO Group, Community Events.
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Martin Dickinson
Priorities — Finance, Helsby and Elton Medical Centre, ECO Group,
Protos Community Forum. Planning, Play Area, Parish Field, Jubilee Field,
Social Media/Newsletter, Legal and Policies, Fundraising, Public Transport.
T — 07494943765 E —

Stephen Garrity
Priorities — Elton Community Centre, Scouts, Churches, Local Shops,
Social Media/Newsletter, Legal and Policies, Fundraising, Public Transport.
T — 07712222377 E —

Christine Leith
Priorities — to assist the Elton Community
T — 07543868278 E —

Pauline O'Reilly
Priorities — Elton Allotments. Thornton Science Park, Protos Community Forum, Encirc Glass, Local Shops, Finance, Planning, Jubilee Field, Play Area, ECO Group,
Community Events
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Ron Reading
Priorities — C F Fertilisers, Elton Scouts, Elton Community Centre, Play Area, Parish Field, Elton Allotments.
T- 07483817056 E —

Lynne Williams
Priorities — Elton Community Centre, Primary School, Helsby & Elton Medical Centres.
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Maureen Wilson
Priorities — Encirc, Essar, Helsby and Elton Medical Centres, Thornton Science Park, Elton Community Centre.
T -01928 724519 E —